• Eager to Help

    I highly recommend TVNS in Edinburg Texas. This is a very friendly based Company. All the staff is very friendly, courteous, and eager to help the clients and attendants. Please come by and see us at the TVNS Office here in Edinburg, Texas.

    - Clarita C.

  • Enhance the Quality of Life

    I have been working with TVNS, LTD for almost 10 years. This company is proud to have the opportunity to enhance the quality of life and to maintain our patients' health with our services. My mother is a current client of TVNS, LTD and very happy with her services. I would strongly recommend TVNS, LTD!!

    - Norma D.

  • Care for Our Community

    TVNS has been in business since 1981. The heart and soul of this business are to care for our community, our family, our employees, and our clients. I am proud to be an employee of TVNS for 25 years and look forward to another 25 years.

    - Vanessa S.

  • The Best Service

    I have worked for TVNS for 9 years. This company has always done everything by state rules and regulations. I am proud to say that our clients and Atts are happy to have this agency because we look out for them and give them the best service they deserve.

    - Juanita D.

  • Genuine Quality Care

    My experience has been positive with TVNS. Genuine quality care has been provided and any questions are quickly answered.

    - R. Alvarez

  • Very Professional

    I took my dad to see if they could help in getting him enrolled into a program where they can provide him with a provider so he could begin to receive services. Gracie is an amazing woman. She cares about the clients and their needs. I was very thankful and grateful for how she as well as front desk receptionist Zobeida attended and guided me through enrollment processes. I was moved by their caring and assertiveness in their abilities to help as well as formulate processes to be able to receive him as a client. They follow and return calls. Very professional and understand that each case as each client is different, might have similarities yet all different. There was something that Gracie pointed out that caught my interest in knowing that we went to the right place for services. I hope these companies know what amazing employees they have there because you can tell they are passionate about what work they do as well as how they care for their clients. I even handed out some of their brochures to those I know might know someone needing services that they can provide. Blessings!

    - Mercedes R.

  • Compassion in Servicing Clients

    The staff is courteous and friendly. They present themselves in a professional manner and make you feel very welcomed. They show compassion in servicing clients which I feel is most important. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for the service they provide.

    - Marline M.

  • Recognizes the Needs of the Clients

    I have worked for TVNS for more than 20 years. What I like about TVNS is TVNS recognizes the needs of the clients and reaches out to help by continuously planning for improvement. Two thumbs up for TVNS.

    - Jorge S.